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On this page we give you answers to the most relevant issues and problems. If you don't find an answer to a problem, please contact our support for further information.

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Why the last 3 digits of the originator are replaced with xyz? [Q1041]
There are certain restrictions, if you would like to use numeric Originators (e.g. '+41791234567'). Numeric Originators only may be used if they were unlocked in advance with an Unlockcode. This Unlockcode will be sent to the corresponding mobilephone, which should be used as Originator.

Important: You only have to use the following dialog if you plan to use numeric Originators. If you use alphanumeric Originators (e.g. 'Party'), there are no restrictions. Please note that misuse in every case will be prosecuted according to terms of Civil and/or Criminal Law.

However, Originators of devices that are not capable to receive SMS (e.g. Fixnetnumbers) can't be unlocked automatically with this procedure. If you would like to use such a number, it's possible to unlock it manually. Please contact the support, if you need such an Originator.