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Outstanding features
  • send SMS at any time and world-wide location-independently
  • No software installation necessary
  • Computer with Internet connection as only condition
  • Accessed via SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Platform independently (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Supports all common Web Browsers
  • ready to go in less than 5 minutes
Business cases
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • SMS news distributions
  • Information channel for your customers and partners
  • Company communication tool
  • Real time SMS-alerts and notifications
Price advantages
  • No set up costs
  • No license costs
  • No monthly costs
  • You just pay a small fee per SMS
ASPSMS quality
  • Fast delivery within seconds
  • High throughput
  • Acknowledgments of receipt for each SMS
  • Professional support
  • over 100 000 satisfied customers
  • accessible over various interfaces JSON, SOAP Webservices, XML, Active-X component, HTTP Request, E-Mail, SMTP