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Frequently asked Questions

On this page we give you answers to the most relevant issues and problems. If you don't find an answer to a problem, please contact our support for further information.

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How do I change my personal settings or check my personal ASPSMS balance? [Q1014]
Just login with your personal username and password. After the login you have full access to your account information and your personal settings. You may change your settings at any time.

Does JavaScript has to be activated? [Q1016]
To provide all functionalities JavaScript is required. If you encounter problems please check your browser settings to make sure that JavaScript is active.

How many countries are supported? - Which roamings are activated? [Q1017]
SMSBLASTER web edition covers over 400 mobile operators in more than 200 countries. Please go to the following page to get the updated coverage list.

How do I show duplicates in the contacts? [Q1040]
Enter the keyword "duplicates" in the search box. Then all duplicates show up.

Why the last 3 digits of the originator are replaced with xyz? [Q1041]
There are certain restrictions, if you would like to use numeric Originators (e.g. '+41791234567'). Numeric Originators only may be used if they were unlocked in advance with an Unlockcode. This Unlockcode will be sent to the corresponding mobilephone, which should be used as Originator.

Important: You only have to use the following dialog if you plan to use numeric Originators. If you use alphanumeric Originators (e.g. 'Party'), there are no restrictions. Please note that misuse in every case will be prosecuted according to terms of Civil and/or Criminal Law.

However, Originators of devices that are not capable to receive SMS (e.g. Fixnetnumbers) can't be unlocked automatically with this procedure. If you would like to use such a number, it's possible to unlock it manually. Please contact the support, if you need such an Originator.

How long does it take until my SMSBLASTER web edition credits are available or my Global Two-Way number is activated? [Q1026]
Please note that we usually unlock your SMSBLASTER web edition credits or the purchased Global Two-Way number immediately during office hours but the latest within 24 hours.
You can set a Credit Warning with several warning levels and recipients.

How much does SMSBLASTER web edition cost? [Q1007]
There is no setup fee or another basic fee. The SMSBLASTER web edition software is free of charge. You simply pay per SMS you send. You pay in advance using our secure online credit card application (SSL) or by bank transfer to our account.
Your personal SMS balance is always accessible for you to check on your SMS account.

Why do you bill in advance? [Q1011]
To reduce handling costs of invoicing and to give a fast access to a modern and efficient application. The price per SMS is oriented on the volume that you pay in advance. The more you order, the better price.

How secure is the online payment by credit card? [Q1012]
The transaction is very secure. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for secure data transmission. ASPSMS uses the service of Saferpay to transfer the credit card data. Saferpay ist the largest provider for electronic payment services in Switzerland.

What is a UserKey? Where do I find it? [Q1010]
The UserKey is a unique Key associated to your account. It's a security feature. You need to set the UserKey in your ASPSMS application with your personal password. Simply go to the following page to get your UserKey.

Do I need to register by e-mail, mail or fax? [Q1019]
No! Registration, activation and settings are completed online.

Why did I not get an e-mail after registration? [Q1031]
Check the settings of your spam filter. It might be that the e-mail was filtered.

Why do I need a username and a password? [Q1000]
For clear authorization and access to your protected personal account. We use your email address as username. In case of a problem, this will help us to contact you as soon as possible.

How do I get support? [Q1013]
For technical support, marketing questions on our affiliate program, please use the folling contact addresses:

Technical support:

Marketing issues: marketing@aspsms.com
Payment inquires: billing@aspsms.com
Permission Marketing: keyaccounts@aspsms.com
Affiliate Program: affiliate@aspsms.com